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[Kuri Designs]
Welcome! to Kuri Designs, a NuTang blog for layouts for you! ^_^ Feel free to email me or note me for the code if you happen to like one of my layouts =] I also take requests ^_^ Layouts are all tested in Internet Explorer and Firefox and are customized for NuTang only

—×NEVER take off the credits
—×Do not redistribute them without my permission
—×Do not claim these as yours
—×Please enjoy! ;)

...That's it! (^_^)v

[Current Layout]
Design, Layout by Kuri

CSS looks like this:


Enjoy~ =]

[Random Layout]
12/01/08 12:28
Gahhh it's been ages since I made a layout @_@;; But I've been busy and creativeless... That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! +_+;;

Anyways, about this layout... Yes... Some of you may recognise this layout as the layout that I used for my blog for absolutely ages then made changes but didn't like them so got rid of it XD If not, yeah... this layout was originally my 'Random Layout' (literally called just 'Random') on my blog =3

Well, it's now here, with some edits, up for distribution =]

It was a pain in the butt to code though =_=;; I don't know how I managed to make it look half-ok for both IE and FF when I used it myself cos after I made some minor changes the whole layout went wrong and nothing was aligned in a decent way etc etc =_=;;

Took about 2 hours to code properly to make it look the same in IE and FF. Really irritated me when there were pixel unalignments in FF but not IE, and when it looked fine in FF it looked like a mess in IE =_=;; but hey, I feel very accomplished that I've done it XD

I made some changes by request for Nuttz, who requested purple (although I think the colouring looks slightly weird but that's probably because I'm not used to seeing this layout without a banner so I'm sure I'll get used to it =3) so I hope she likes it! ^^;;

One thing about this layout though, if you have the whole question-and-answer thing going in your profile, it won't show up... I was too lazy to code that properly. Plus it looks a mess in FF no matter how you code it anyways so yes, that's gone =3 But all the other info is fine in the profile page =]

I've also just done a colour flood on the complimentary avatar I made for the layout so it now (kinda) matches this one =3 Like the Nana one I made, this also comes with two avvies cos I don't know which colour suits better, so it's up to the user to decide =] (personally I think the one I used for this entry suits better =3)




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[Chance II]
24/06/07 00:57
Okay so I felt bad about it being so er... pink... Haha, so I placed a colour burn over the original images and it's now red! Yay ^_^ Much better =] For the original description of this layout please go here ^_^

I really like this layout actually. I think I'll end up using it for my CrystleKuri blog. It suits the purpose of being a blog alone =3 I'll probably make some extra customizations though =3

I'll write more later... I'm just absolutely knackered right now =3 So off to bed~~~ Goodnight~ ^_^

Edit: Yeah, as I said... This is probably my most secretive layout yet XD I love it, though... Really, really love it *_* Yup, I definitely think I'll be using this for my private blog =]

It uses coding and graphic editing on a new level for me, so I'm really pleased ^_^ I haven't made a blends layout before and my first one (this) didn't turn out so bad, so I'm really happy ^_^ I'm not sure if anyone else will use it, but I definitely won't let it go to waste =3

Anyways, the 'Chance' layouts took erm... about 2-3 hrs for the graphic and about 1-2 hours of coding =3 Enjoy~ ^_^




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23/06/07 23:00
So, through boredom and a decision to make a blends layout, I have created...

My most secretive layout yet

Haha. Why secretive? Well... first of all, there are no modules, and second, all the links for 'profile, gallery' etc etc, are gone. =3 Why? Because they made the layout look ugly XD

But anyways, this one would probably be strictly for someone who is on NuTang for blogging purposes only and doesn't want to show people their profile and other pages =3

I personally like it. It's a bit strange, and I could probably have made it better, but I like it =3

...It features Xu Ming Hu from Beijing Wushu Team... And er... if he ever sees it I think he'd probably kill me for making it so pink XD But oooh~~~ well~~~ That's not for him to decide =P

At least I put up some Chinese =3 As an apology to him, for using his photo and turning it pink, maybe, but I really like the pic ^_^ The text on the graphic says 'Only because you...' and somehow the text in the avy kinda follows on cos it says 'The one you look at... Is not me' heh...

I didn't realise it followed on, but oh well =3

Hmmm... I'm not sure the chances of anyone using this layout are very high at all since all the pages are hidden, but... maybe! =3 If nobody uses it, I might choose to use it some day XD




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[Starry Skies]
18/06/07 23:24
I'm so annoyed TT_TT This layout is like... Well, I love it. The graphic may not be that nice, but I'm experimenting with something new and learning new coding so I love it ^_^

But WHYYYYYY are the damn adverts at the top??? ;_;

Is there a hack to get them down/relative to div coding??? If anyone knows please help me... >_<;; I refuse to put up a screenshot before this layout looks decent +_+

Edit: YES!!! I've finally fixed my layout! It works fine now~~~ ^_^ Although I noticed that on my school computers the colour looks a bit off at parts... did anyone else notice that? =/ It looks fine on my home comp =3




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